Mad Cows Challenge Standings updated August 14, 2016

Will you be one of the top 3? Anyone can.
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Read the Mad Cows Challenge Rules here

Place Name Points
1 Ian Pund 69
2 Allison Zwingenberger 53
3 Chris Heitmann 48
4 Mathieu Spriet 35.5
5 Jean-Marc Leiningner 35
6 Michael French 30
7 Jim Watson 25
7 Melissa Corbet 25
9 Diana Burkhart-Waco22 22
10 Kalleena jackson 15
10 Josehine Oflaherty 15
10 Andrea Kirsch 15
10 Jim Carmen 15
14  Matt Botting 10
14 Fadi Fatallah 10
14 Stephanie Alder 10
14 Frank McNally 10
18 Cary Craig 6
19 Peter Carroll 5
19 Steven Corbett 5
19 Craig Jiminez 5




The goal of the Mad Cows Challenge is to spur members to join fellow bovines and compete as a herd in selected races.
The standings will be updated periodically on the Mad Cows website during the racing season.

The top Challenge participants will be honored at the end of the year party. Members reaching 40 points will be conferred “Bronze Cow” status, for 60 points “Silver Cow” and for 80 points “Gold Cow”.  Status certificates will be awarded at the end of the year party. The winner of the Challenge will get to keep the Mad Cows trophy (Max Effort) for a year.

- For completion of the Challenge selected races listed below, athletes will be awarded 10 points. Additional points will be distributed for placing in age group divisions as follow:

place points
1st 5 points
2nd 4 points
3rd 3 points
4th 2 points
5th 1 point

- For races not listed below, athletes will be awarded half the above points (5 points for completion, 2.5 points for 1st place, 2 points for 2nd place…)

- For any race that an athlete has done previously, she or he will be awarded 5 extra points if they record a personal best time in 2016. This rule applies to both Challenge selected and non-selected races.

To ensure you receive all the points you’ve earned, please submit your race results to the Mad Cows Challenge Coordinator via

List of Mad Cows selected races:

Date Event Distance Location
April 9-10 HITS Napa Sprint to Full Lake Berryessa
April 16 TBF Ice Breaker Triathlon Sprint Granite Bay
May 7 TBF Folsom Lake International Tri Olympic Granite Bay
May 17 Auburn Triathlon Sprint, Olympic, Half Auburn
May 21-22 TBF T4F T4R #1 Sprint and Olympic Rancho Seco
June 5 TBF Sacramento International Tri Olympic Discovery Park
June 25-26 TBF T4F T4R #2 Sprint and Olympic Rancho Seco
July 10 Vineman Half Guerneville
July 18 Get Fit Davis Triathlon Sprint Davis
July 23-24 Donner Lake Triathlon Sprint, Olympic, Half Donner Lake
July 23-24 TBF T4F T4R #3 Sprint and Olympic Rancho Seco
July 31 Oakland Triathlon Festival Sprint and Ulympic Oakland
August 13 TBF Granite Bay Tri- Club Championship Sprint Granite Bay
August 14 Tri Santa Cruz Sprint and Olympic Santa Cruz
September 10 TBF Women's Triathlon Sprint Rancho Cordova
October 9 TBF Golden State Tri Sprint Discovery Park




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