Steve Sexton, Pro triathlete and early Mad Cow.

(Plan for a "hands-on", wet (athletes in the water) swim clinic by Steve.)

Steve's Dos and Don'ts for the Off Season


  • Don't swim, bike or run for two weeks (at least).
  • Give yourself two weeks (after a two-week training break) of unstructured training.
  • Give into all the temptations your normally resist during the season: milk shakes, beers, sleeping in.
  • Focus on training elements that get pushed to the side during the heart of the season.
  • Don't worry about putting on a little extra weight.
  • After the training break, the off season is a great time to do low intensity workouts that focus on form and technique.
  • Take advantage of all the free time to do things you long put off.
  • A true vacation is another great way to physically and mentally refresh.
  • Don't underestimate the degree to which your body needs a break in order to absorb or adapt to all the training you put into it over the season.
  • Let your race schedule for the 2011 season dictate the duration of your off season.

Winter Wetness

by Curtis Fritz, swim coach


  • Winter is the perfect time to head to the pool.
  • Learning and perfecting the other strokes can add variety and strength to your training sessions.
  • If you can learn and incorporate flip turns into your pool, you’ll find that not only will your times improve, but you’ll gain efficiency in your stroke.
  • The overriding objective is to ensure that all of the muscle fibers are called to active duty at some point during the workout.
  • Learning to breathe comfortably on either side is a valuable skill, particularly for the open water swimmer.
  • winter is the perfect time to jettison the regimented routine and try something new, unusual, or just plain stupid.

Off-Season Events, Activities and Opportunities for Mad Cows


Ride to Winters for lunch or dinner (about 14 miles each way)
Go hiking
Walk around the UC Davis Arboretum (about 3 miles)


23rd Annual Davis Turkey Trot will take place on Saturday, November 20, 2010 at Civic Center Field.

17th Annual Run to Feed the Hungry approaches we hope you are planning to join us - once again or for the first time - for Sacramento's largest and most popular Thanksgiving Day tradition,November 25, 2010

The Davis Stampede includes 5K, 10K and Half Marathon courses, plus three non-competitive kid's fun runs for ages 12 and under. 2011 marks the 29th Annual event. We hope to see you on February 6th!!

Putah Creek TimeTrial - Begins in March 2011 for the season. This event occurs every other Wednesday at 6PM


Total Body Fitness - 2010 - 2011 Winter Tri Class, $99

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The Off-Season Triathlete


  • Take a physical and mental break
  • Let your body recover completely
  • Let your mind rest from all the training and racing stress
  • Play a team sport, take Yoga class
  • Go hiking with your loved ones
  • You can still do some running, swimming or biking. Just keep it fun and unstructured.
  • Improve your technique, strengthen weaknesses, work on speed
  • New activities will invigorate you.
  • Your non-triathlete friends and loved ones would be glad to see you.